What Does a Fashion Designer Do?

Fashion Designer

What Does a Fashion Designer Do?

The Fashion Designer is a creative artist that sees the world through the eyes of the designer. He or she understands what looks good and how to make it so. The Fashion Designer keeps up with the latest fashion trends; travels to fashion shows and reads fashion magazines to identify current fashion trends and interpret particular color palettes, prints and patterns for each season. By hand, you will sketch your ideas, make technical production drawings and otherwise address potential buyers as an experienced marketer.

Some of the skills required to become a fashion designer include being able to work with fabric, texture and color and having the ability to come up with original clothing concepts. A degree in Textile Design or Textile Technology can be helpful if you are thinking of becoming a designer. Your technical and creative skills will improve with time when you learn to create fabrics, working with pattern makers and manufacturers, using computer-assisted design programs. You should have excellent writing and communication skills and an interest in business, marketing and the fashion industry. If you are a strong-willed individual who is self-motivated, then you should be able to develop your own individual style.

The median annual salary for designers in the apparel industry is over seven thousand dollars. Fashion designers work with materials including silk, cotton, wool and Georgette. These designers can work in different areas, such as women’s boutiques, department stores, apparel wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers. You might also find jobs in fashion manufacturing, such as with textile mills, seamstresses and others.

Fashion designers must analyze current designs, fabrics and trends to create original fashion ideas. They will need to come up with ideas for new collections. The designers will then work with business partners, textile mill owners and others to produce, design and market their products. Fashion designers must come up with ideas that are trendy, unique and appealing to both men and women.

Designers may also be involved in the production of garments. Production involves sewing, cutting, manufacturing and warehousing of the product. Designers who have been employed by a brand will generally be promoted to a creative director, production manager or designer before they attain the position of full designer. Creative directors are involved in all facets of the design process, from idea creation to conceptualization and product development. In order to be a creative director, a person must possess exceptional vision, creativity, interpersonal skills and a thorough knowledge of product development and marketing. The person must also be detail-oriented, have excellent mathematical and logical skills, have strong leadership and management skills and be able to work in a team environment.

The final role of the Fashion Designer is to supervise the production process. This person is responsible for making sure that all of the materials and production tools are operational. Fashion designers are often responsible for selecting colors, materials and styles of fabrics as well as supervising their production. Technical designers are involved in the development of fabrics and other related fields of fashion design. A technical designer will be responsible for ensuring that the materials and techniques that are used in the fashion design process are precise.